How to Hack Online Casino

Call it hacks, call it cheating, regardless of the approach, the end result is about putting more money into your pockets rather than the casinos. If your conscience is too much in favour of fair play, then you might reconsider once you’ve learnt just how casinos are made to make you lose!

Getting the Right Casino for the Job

For the hacks to work, you need a casino that is still compliant with the rules and regulations of standard and quality. Here you will find a top ten list of recommended casinos to join that ae approved by the national gaming board for players in South Africa.

They are licensed and regulated, and this is why picking these sites are so important. You need to be able to access games that are tested regularly in order to win from them. There is no point joining an illegitimate casino that has faulty games, otherwise, they will never payout and the hack becomes redundant.

How Online Casinos Work

Every casino that is online, no matter where you are in the world, they are all built with the same programming, from the best slots through to the casino’s formulation of bonuses. Every online casino has what is called a management tool. This online software stores player’s data and this all begins with the games you play. Algorithms within the game collect information on who much you play with, how many games you play in a day, what the favourite titles are, what you win, what you lose and so much more. This means that a player profile is being created, like YouTube it knows all your likes and knows what you can afford to spend inside the casino.

The data basically will predetermine whether your time has come to winning or losing within a game, so it is the data that needs to be rectified so that the casino’s system thinks you’re a new player. How does this work? Well, if you think about it, all new players win right, it’s called beginners luck, though luck has zero to do with it. Because the system lacks data the games are completely open to chance, and the chances of winning are higher the less data there is.

Hacks Against the Games

To help guide you through the hacks that work, follow this 10-step guide to undertake from the moment you register with your new online casino.

  1. Pick an online casino that is listed to any one of the links above.

  2. Focus on playing new games and titles. You can even opt to play in the category of popular or favourites. The more money being put into games, the more frequent they will payout.

  3. When you play and land a win from either a bonus round or a standard big win during the base game level, lower the wagering amount to its lowest amount, this is very important.

  4. Exit the game and pick a new option to play with your profit.

  5. Repeat the win and next game pattern till you notice your profit is around 80%.

  6. Once you end playing altogether, cash out your winnings and log off.

  7. Delete your cookies, app cache and browser history. Uninstall app and cease playing for 3-4 weeks.

  8. Reinstall app if needed and log into the site.

  9. Find the game you last played and check the wagering amount default. If it is back to normal, the data has been reset. If it is still at the lowest mark, repeat actions step 4 to 6 and wait a further week.

  10. When the default is back to normal, repeat the steps from 2 onwards.