Trail Ride with Chelsea Buns and CC

Welcome to yet, another trail ride with Nancy Hack on CC and Anna Sawicki on Chelsea Buns.

We've had an awesome summer with trail rides. I'm sure we've put on many miles and we've seen so many different things from bears, to HUGE moose tracks, deer and more!

This particular trip did get to test the "spook" skills of our horses. First, just fall alone is more scary for some horses since they can see further in the bush with less leaves, but the winds were very strong today and stuff was blowing all over.

The exciting part was when this young rabbit darted out of the hidden grass and just ran back and forth all over (I swear he was Alice in wonderland saying over and over "I'm late, I'm late I'm late). This bunny was just crazy. It would run to the highway, then back. ran under right up to us! Right up to Chelsea's feet! Nancy was sure I was about to take a good trip at this moment, but no, Chelsea tilts her head right down in a rounded arch to see what the heck the little creature was that was brave enough to walk under her, and walk under her it did!

We dismounted from our horses for a pit stop and the rabbit was still right there so Nancy picked it up to make sure it was still ok. It's little heartbeat was going, but it was fine so we moved it into the bush so it wouldn't run onto the road!

Towards the end of the pics are some extras from when I headed back to the barn. All the horses in the pasture decided to race us back to the barn so took a few shots and a few watching us untack at the barn.

Well enjoy our pics..there's a shot or two of the rabbit as well.

You can view the pics above by clicking on next picture of by using the left side as well.