The Life On The Quarter Horse Race Track

Well, Anna asked me to write about what it was like to live with the QUARTER HORSE RACING! So here goes!! I'm not much of a writer, so I'll do the best that I can!

Racing seems to take the better time of your days, nights too, if you breed your horses for racing also. You have the job of caring and being on watch for when your babies are due! And all horse people know that can be twenty - four -seven. But then most horse people usually are obsessed with their horses anyways.!

Horse Race Track

We race our horses from the spring of April till the end of October, sometimes a couple of weeks into November! But all the months were not racing were choosing which of the horses that will be racing and which will not, then getting the horses in condition. The horses that are not racing are still worked with everyday, for they are either on light duty or they have gone to the breeding barn, some also go on to other competitions such as barrel racing.

There's a lot of work involved in getting a horse ready for racing. They start their pre training as soon as their ready after they are born. Like all babies, they have to learn to be handled., and not afraid to be touched and worked with. The horses start the heavier training at 18 months and older. For the 1st 2 months of track training they learn how to accept the saddle and bridle, also the jockey who doesn't usually weigh over 115 lbs - 124 lbs. With all this going on, they are introduced to the track, only while walking, and the starting gates, this is done slowly so they have a good idea what will be expected of them/ They are not expected to do everything perfect at this time, for it's only introductory training. This kind of training is done only for 2 months in the fall, then they go home for the winter, to rest up, to be prepared to relearn all the same training in the spring! In the spring they learn many things to race, too much to explain/ They have to pass gate tests and learn how to be ponied, and how to run in their own space. Many many things are taught to them.

Well, the spring is here, the race is on,!! You've got your horses all primed up, ready to go, gleaming coats of fur, heads held high, nice bright eyes looking directly at the track, your horse knows what’s about to happen! They are anticipating the outcome just like you. You've spent a lot of time preparing your horse for opening day! You've done the right feeding, you've prepared your horse to be healthy for the demanding race season, vaccinations, deworming, shoeing, etc.

The announcement is called for paddock time. Trainers, and grooms go to the paddock where the jockeys are ready for their mounts!

Some people are there with horses they trained themselves, some have trainers. They’re in the paddock, the horse, the trainer with the groom, and jockey, saddling the horses just right, they have to follow the race rules! The steward is there watching the people in the paddock getting ready. They have a certain time to saddle, the steward announces mounts up, they’re on their way to the gates, and they do the walk around the track as the announcers introduce the horse, jockey and owner.

The horses are each called as they enter the starting gate!

You hear the announcer say!!