Star light, Star Bright… how I wish..

“Look Mommy, it’s a horse, screamed Anna at the top of her lungs as she drove down the highway with her parents.”

Those were my first words and I apparently had some super lungs that nearly caused my dad to hit the ditch on many occasions while driving by any horse on the highway. I swear I could spot them a mile down the road even if they were amongst a herd of cows or hiding within the trees to avoid the bugs on a hot summer day.

little girl

My name is Anna and I was born with the horse bug. There is no cure, not that I want one anyways. I wasn’t even given an option. As if given an extra heart so I have room to love all the horses I come into contact with, and that I do.

I spent my entire life dreaming of owning my own horse. Every birthday, Christmas, or any other gift giving holiday, I was sure my very own horse would show up in my back yard one day. What did it matter that we lived in busy town with a 20 X 20 backyard I’d think.

Each one of these holidays passed by and sure, I received horses, plastic ones, rubbers ones, metal, tin, blue, black, small big, loud, ones to hang on a wall, on t-shirts, you name it, but never a real, breathing horse I could smoother with love.

It took many years for me to understand why as a child, riding lessons at the local stables was the closest I’d ever get to horses. I think parents need to be horse savvy in some sense, especially if the children have no clue!

Well of all the stars I wished upon, three were holding my dream real tight till the timing was right.

The first star was at nineteen, An Arab cross who had been badly neglected and absolutely no training whatsoever. [I owe most my body scars to her ;) ] I loved her dearly and did everything I could to get her healthy. What I learned most from her is I had a lot to learn!

My 2nd star, a red dun cross. The kindest, sweetest horse I have ever met. That horse taught me courage and what real love is. I won my first ribbon with her!

My third Star, Chelsea. My QH mare I have now and also had eight years ago. We had to part and fate has us back together again. Chelsea spent those 8 years in a great home and I am so glad to have her back. Thank you Sally.

Chelsea has taught me a lot as well, and this star will never go dim again. I experience my first English riding with Chelsea as well stadium, jumping, crosscountry and dressage. We actually placed 1st in all our events one weekend, except the dressage, which was 3rd! It wasn’t’ me that won that day, not by a long shot, it was Chelsea. She flew over those jumps like a pro and make sure I was in safe hands. I love ya Chelsea Buns!

I am sure there are more stars out there that I wished upon waiting to come into my life, but if they never did, I am thankful to have my dream come true, no once, not twice, but three times.

I also want to thank my parents knowing I wasn't ready for such a commitment at such a young age and for doing everything in their power to deal with my horse crazy habit!