Finding the perfect horse?

I could probably sum up my relationships with equines in just a few words. I started riding at my cousin’s when I was ten. Like all little girls ,I always dreamt of having my own horse. That didn’t happen until I was in my late 20’s. I always rode on and off at friends and riding stables. My first horse was an old buckskin pony cross mare. She was the most stubborn but the safest horse at the same time. She was here for a few years, but due to a bad founder her ridding was limited. After doing “baby” steps with her, I was after all ready to go farther in my riding ability, and trail distance.

horse eye

So I went horse shopping. That was a struggle. This one’s to tall, that one’s to small, that one’s not trained enough and of course there’s always, that one’s crazy. I looked for quite a while. Then, I found my mare. She was well trained, and beautiful. Two days later I went and picked her up. Boy things were different once I started working with her. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn't’ that bad but between her neurotic behavior and my paranoia, we were quite a pair. After a bad fall, I found myself “EXTRA” cautious. She would push me into the wall when I was trying to tack her up and even nip at me. I thought I would lunge her a bit to take the energy out of her. And she was worst. As it stood I had no choice, but to deal with my new mare’s quirks. That brought us back to baby steps.

We have one trail that goes to the river where she was always willing and comfortable on. That was our trail. We did that one for a long time until we got comfortable with each other. Keeping in mind that we were almost always alone. Just she, my old lab and I. So until she acted like a lady there was surely no comfort in taking her way out in the bush. I wasn’t about to give up my life long dream of owning the perfect horse to go anywhere I want with. All I wanted was to go on nice long trail rides. Now two years later I find myself going all over the place. She is finally the horse I wanted. We have such a connection now. She trusts me and I her. Even she and the dog are close. If he goes to far out of site she stops and I call him and then, she’s ready to go again.

This story is meant to teach you all out there looking for the perfect horse; Sometimes, the horse that seems the most trained is the one with the most issues. Although I’m a firm believer of green rider + green horse = bad combination. You should always consider your plans with this particular animal. If you don’t plan on doing any showing till you and your horse gets more training it’s a great way for both of you to learn together. Don’t forget it’s not always the most beautiful ones that are the best horses. Happy trails!!!!