Breeding season is nearly upon us and I would like to make a few suggestions to every one who is planning on approaching stud farms about breeding.

*Always phone ahead, owners like to have time to get their horse ready for viewing or may have other commitments that particular day.

*Never touch a stallion wit out the owners permission, these horses, especially in the spring, are not "cuddly bears", the scent of other horses may stimulate a stud. Also there is the possibility , no matter how small, of transmitting germs.

*Children and dogs are a no-no also.If you have to bring them keep them contained.

*If you are not really interested in the stallion after seeing him, be considerate and tell the owner. Why should they have to tie up their time for nothing.

*Please realize that most stallions are not always kept looking ready for a show. Sometimes they will be muddy or unclipped,not everyone has a stable full of grooms.

*Bear in mind that because you think your mare is the greatest, the stallion owner has the final say as to whether he will breed your mare or not. A breeder's responsibility is to promote and improve the breed he is involved with, so not every mare out there will be a suitable match for his stud. Don't be insulted, do your homework and look for a more compatible stallion for your mare.

*Please, for the safety of everyone involved, if your mare has any quirks, like biting, striking, not tieing etc, don't be afraid to tell the stallion handler.There will be less chance of handlers or horses getting hurt. A stallion owner can send your horse home if they feel it is a threat to safety.

Good luck to every one in the up coming breeding season and may all your mares concieve.