Did You Know?

Did You Know? In 2003, Canada had 9 hundred thousand + horses, which in turn added $15 million/ a year to the economy.

  • 350,000 used for racing or other sports

  • 285,000 used for pleasure

  • 152,000 used for breeding

  • 38,000 used for lessons

  • 67,000 used for ranching or other work

  • 10,000 used in the tourist trade

  • 48,000 used for companions, etc.

There where 250,000+ horse owners. 400,000 adult riders and 600,000 youth riders.

The equine industry supports 200,000+ full time jobs. 77,000 on farms, 130,000+ in racing, shows, etc. 77,000+ jobs represent 15% of all on farm agricultural employment in Canada.

Horses are the ONLY livestock subject to GST. In 2003, horse owners paid $120,000,000 for care and maintenance. The race industry contributed $200 million. This does not include the GST collected by the government from the sale of horses, that is extra.

NOTE: This info is from a letter sent to all political parties by Equine Canada. To learn more go to Equine Canada's web site.