Crystal Clear Stable's All Breed Horse Show

Crystal Clear Stables in Fauquier, Ontario had the Crystal Clear Stables All Breed Horse Show on Aug 5th with a clinic by the Judge, Jim Muir, Aug 6th. Although I didn't get to stay for the clinic which I really wanted too, my day of showing was beyond awesome! We started the day with halter classes and finished in the games. A non-stop day. My horse was such a trooper to do this for over 6 hours straight! I love ya Chelsea Buns!.

Breed Horse

The show had a pretty good turn out and I met a lot of new horse people. Most of the gang from Englehart that went down did pretty darn good! Sally Reinerston had some great results with 2nd in three classes; Western Pleasure Stake, English Pleasure Stake and Showmanship.

Joanna Julien on her new paint mare did awesome as well (I'll post these results soon). Carla Vine took in High Point Novice and myself, I took in High Point Reserve for open classes. (which included a huge rosette and a beautiful plaque, painted by Crystal herself).

My mare, Chelsea Buns was awesome. We've only been riding western pleasure since I purchased her back last year, but I've always wanted to barrel race and this was our first chance and we took 3rd! We also tried pole bending, but we missed a pole, so didn't place. We also didn't place in two Trail classes, but had blast in those classes. Although, we did take a 1st in Trail in Hand, (received another beautiful handmade plaque). Carla Vine took 4th with Romeo in that class!

My pretty mare also took a 3rd in halter, 3rd in western stake class, 4th in command and 2nd in dizzy cowboy. Now I'm sure you are saying "What is dizzy cowboy"? Well it is just what it run in on your horse, get off, put your head on a bat and spin around 10 times! Sound easy? I think not! By the third spin you feel like you are going to fall straight on your face! Well by the time I was done, I then had to climb back onto my horse and ride back. It's a speed event and the fastest time wins.

This show was so well organized, from the vendors (Feed bucket guys), to the registration booth, everyone who assisted with stalls, our horses, the Ring Stewart, Crystal, Pascal, Jaz, everyone..I felt so welcome there. Thanks to Sharon Stewart from Kerry Kroft Farms for trailering us to the show and hanging out all day to take us back. Even all the competitors in Open..they were helpful and so supportive. Really, this show is the best I've been too and most likely, the best I'll ever attend.

The Judge, Jim Muir, was amazing. Not only was he knowledgeable, he was extremely kind and helpful and quite funny!

I hope that the clinic is as successful as the show was. I bet it's going to be a very valuable learning day! Thanks Crystal, family and everyone else involved!

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