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For those of you who have parked their trailers for the winter, check for bee's nests in the spring before you load and underneath. Carla Aultman

If your horse has a fungus in it's ear, use Monostat {for yeast infection} to clear it up.... Sharon Stewart, Englehart, Ont

Now that the snow is here and some of our equine friends still have shoes on. Some of them tend to ball up with snow. Just brush on some dish soap to help the snow flip out from their feet... Nancy Hack, Englehart, Ont

Removing egg bots from horses can be done by using a scrubbing pad you use to clean your pots (the kind that are no scratch), but be gentle. Those grooming blocks do wonders too for egg bots to caked on mud! Always one in my tack box... Anna Sawicki, Kirkland Lake, Ont

When out trail-riding, remember to carry anything important like cell phones, medication directly on your care and not in your saddle bags incase your horse and you part by unforeseen incidents. Anna Sawicki, Kirkland Lake, Ont

When you get new tack, if it has a white skin or coating on it, rub that in. Do not clean it off.

After the initial oiling of your tack ( which may take several coatings), you should only be oiling it once every 5-6 months, if you are doing it more than that, you are either over oiling or not cleaning your tack frequently enough.