About Equine North

Equine North was created to give horse lovers of all sorts in Northern Ontario a place to find events, shows, and clinics. As well as find horse related articles and tips and stories of our horses submitted by you, the viewer. We rely on YOU, the reader, the send us your stories. They can be about anything, your last show, growing up with horses.

Also find a photo gallery of photos from local horse lovers, visit Horse n More Forum run by "Nancy", submit and view Equine businesses in the area and read or post to the horse and tack classifieds. All you need to do is register and you can post an ad for free with a photo. There is a 400 pixels wide max on photos and 14 day limit.

horses Another feature is the Equine North Blog!. This page is updated often with your stories, and or stories I post on anything horse related! So dont' be afraid to comment on any of the blog threads. Just click on the "comments" section on whatever ad you want to comment on and away you go!

This site was created free to help all the horse enthusiasts in Northern Ontario, (now expanding to other parts of Ontario), but as you can plainly see, these type of sites are time consuming to keep fresh and new. We have a sponsors page where you can make any type of donation from $1.00 to ?. It will all be put to the use of this site.

When you visit the Equine Business Directory, you will notice there is a free ad for all Equine businesses in Northern Ontario. There is also one page ads at $49.99 per year available as well as several different website packages. Read more on the Business Directory section.